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Ischebeck HV Slab Forming System


Lightweight, easy to use. Significantly more efficient than classical forming systems.

The Ischebeck HV slab forming system offers two solutions. As a panel decking system, it provides a rapid, versatile and efficient means of erecting slab support with minimal need of plywood. If Secondary Beams are used in place of panels, plywood is used as decking throughout.

Efficient and Safe

Ischebeck HV comprises just four main components and can be erected and dismantled by only two operatives without the need for special tools, making it one of the least labour intensive systems on the market.

  1. main beam
  2. secondary beam
  3. HV panel
  4. drop-head

With all erection and dismantling undertaken from beneath the deck itself, Ischebeck HV minimizes requirements for working at greater heights and makes a major contribution to site safety.


The Ischebeck HV System:

  • can be adapted to fit any plan layout
  • combines the advantages of panel and beam slab formwork
  • fits tight against walls in all directions
  • is simple to use, not dependent on crane handling
  • formwork can begin at several places simultaneously
  • reduces time needed for erecting and stripping formwork

HV is the tried-and-tested aluminum slab forming system that allows every formwork task to be carried out quickly and economically without time-consuming and costly adaptation or make-up panels.

HV Panels

The slab forming system Ischebeck HV with Panels is very efficient if the column schedule and/or slab geometry do not force a significant percentage of in-fill. In-fill areas are sections of the deck where the panels do not fit, either because of size or geometry. An example is shown in the image to the right.

In-fill areas are covered using Secondary Beams and plywood in-fill pieces for the deck. Typically, if in-fill areas in a deck amount to more than 20% or 25% of the total area, using Ischebeck HV with Main and Secondary Beams is more cost effective.

Another consideration is the size of the project. Again typically, for single slabs of around 10,000 sqft, Panels are not more cost efficient than Main Secondary Beams. This changes significantly, if the project has more than two levels.

Ischebeck HV Panels Slab Forming System

HV Main & Secondary Beams

The slab forming system Ischebeck HV with Main and Secondary Beams is the more universal of the two solutions.

This system adapts to about every slab. Even though Ischebeck HV works fastest on flat slabs, slab beams (drop beams) or drains are not a problem.

Compared to Ischebeck HV with Panels, the Main and Secondary solution uses less space when dismantled (secondary beams are smaller than panels) and is consequently cheaper to store and transport.

You may download the HV Brochure (available below) for more information to help you decide which solution is right for you. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Ischebeck HV Main and Secondary Beams Slab Forming System

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