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Ischebeck Megashore Aluminum Shoring System


A fast and versatile aluminum shoring system. Lightweight, yet exceptionally strong.

If you are passionate about quality, and concerned about needing large crews for erecting complex heavy forming and shoring systems, give us a call. Megashore is designed to reduce labour costs, increase site efficiency, improve safety and meet the demands of today's Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) construction.


The Ischebeck Megashore shoring system uses five components:

  1. aluminum shores
  2. connection brackets
  3. ledger frames
  4. stringer beams
  5. beam clips

This is the secret to its flexibility. Whether it be regular height or greater, Megashore can adapt.

NEW! Access staircase available for shoring towers.


Ischebeck Megashore applications:

  • shoring for new construction, alterations or demolition
  • walkway coverage (hoarding)
  • office trailer support
  • concrete forming for slabs
    • handset
    • tables
    • edge tables
    • flying tables
    • trusses
  • customized specialty applications like shoring for tunnel forms

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