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Ischebeck Soloform System


Our Soloform is a versatile and strong,  optimized formwork system.

Soloform is the only concrete formwork system you will ever need on the job site. It's the strongest handset system available on the market today. Couple that with the 8' x 8' Super Soloform panels, and the system is the ideal choice for crane set formwork assemblies.

Features & Sizes

Soloform Panels:

  • 50 KSI steel side rail profile
  • 50 KSI steel cross member profile
  • Cast corner block with pry bar recess
  • Climbing rods
  • Hot dipped galvanized

Soloform is available in 20 different panel sizes:

  • Widths: 8', 4', 36", 30", 24", 18", 12" and 8"
  • Heights: 8', 6' and 4'

Safety First

Soloform is simple to assemble and built with integral climbing rods for greater safety.

  • designed in feet and inches with no top or bottom so set up is a breeze
  • accessories are built to achieve multiple functions with the same piece
  • each location is a tie-off point that exceeds the industry standards
  • cross member orientation is a consistent 4" deep and provides an excellent foothold

Soloform has the best clamp system available today. With only one system you can handset or crane set your project while achieving optimal production rates and unrivaled safety!

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