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Ischebeck Steel-Post Shores


Heavy duty and galvanized for durability.

For greater versatility and convenience, Ischebeck Can supplies two popular series of Steel-Post Shores: Ischebeck Classic and Ischebeck DB-Series.

Ischebeck Classic

These shores with their unique design, safety and low maintenance features have been the shore of choice for many contractors and construction supply companies world-wide.


  • for sale only
  • minimum order: one container

Priced competitively, please contact us to learn more.

Ischebeck DB Series

Also priced competitively, Ischebeck DB series is a steel-post shore system, consisting of:

  • two shore sizes: DB 350 & DB 550
  • extensions
  • frames

Height ranges from 2m (6' 5") to 6.7m (22').
Load capacity is 40.8 kN (9000 lbs) up to 3.5m (11' 6") and is still 16.3 kN at 6.7m (22').

Ischebeck Ledger Frames

Ischebeck Can Ltd. introduces ledger frames for steel-post shores which can be used whenever lateral bracing of shores is required, and allows:

  • to utilize the carrying capacity of the shores at height
  • to built towers up to 29' (by tacking two DB 550) and get reasonable load capacity
  • these frames:
    • can be used with most heavy duty steel-post shores available in the market place
    • are made out of aluminum
    • stand the steel shores on a 6' x 6' matrix.

DB 350 & DB 550 + Extensions


  • easy to handle, easy to erect and strip
  • two sizes of post-shores, and extension cover a wide range of heights
  • top and bottom plates have bolt holes
  • top and bottom plates will accept Ischebeck HV forming System drop-heads
  • adjustment holes at 0.1m (4")
  • easily adjusted at standard working heights
  • use as either shores or re-shores
  • no loose parts

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