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Ischebeck Wedge Jack


Developed from the traditional sand support, and offering many significant advantages.

Ischebeck wedge jacks have been developed from the traditional sand support, and in comparison offers many advantages including exact height adjustment, data on load deformation properties, and insensitivity to water.

Versatile and Strong

Wedge Jacks are generally used for the support of beams and beam shoring or single rolled profile props or heavy duty shoring props. It replaces and is more versatile than sand boxes.

In comparison with spindle designs and hydraulic cylinders, the Ischebeck Wedge Jack is also capable of handling eccentric loads and horizontal forces within a certain limit. Additionally, our Wedge Jacks are less expensive and more solid than hydraulic equipment with the same load capacity.


The Ischebeck Wedge Jack advantages:

  • exact adjustment in height
  • estimated settlement
  • easy and safe to handle
  • cheaper than hydraulic jacks
  • insensitive to water
  • able to lift and adjust loads up to 224,800 lbs

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